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#mylene is an I.R.C. chat room devoted to a very famous french singer, Mylene Farmer  (weeeell,we do talk about Mylene in our channel...sometimes ;).

#mylene it's a very very very weird and quite addictive place. It's like an unexplained phenomenon:
it attracts you from the very first moment and you can't easily escape its "charm".
So...beware.. ;-) 

In these pages you can learn about our famous meetings all over the world.

You also have the chance to see & listen to more than 50 nice people who kill some (or even all) of their time in this channel.
(Click on a letter at the right menu to view/listen to IRC'ers with nicks beginning with that particular letter) .You will also need a Real Audio Player

So, If you are curious why we have a tractor as our logo, you can find  us all on #mylene. Just use an IRC program and try to connect to a Superchat Server (try for more details). If you haven't IRCed before the mIRC site will give you valuable help.

Big Fat thanks to Libertine, Pandore, Mc, Mulder, Lhoon and Nanou for providing me with lots of nice photos.


Oh just a lil' DISCLAIMER: It was really hard to gather all the photos and the audios for this gallery. I asked for them personally from my IRC pals. So, if you want a pic or the voice of any of those ppl, just ask it from them and DON'T use MINE.
Thank you :Q)