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the #mylene t-shirt


The 1st #mylene T-shirt 

The members of the official IRC Mylene Farmer channel (#mylene), decided to make a t-shirt for our big meeting in Brussels (5/12-8/12/96).
If I remember well, the original idea of making it belongs to Nanou & Rasoukine. I was the one who designed it and Zhivago the one who printed the logo on the t-shirts and carried them all way from Germany to Brussels.
So, during Mylene's concert in Brussels, almost 20 of us were wearing this "famous" t-shirt!

We even tried to "give" one t-shirt to Mylene!

That happened during the concert in Brussels.
As Rasoukine remembers:

<< We were all waiting in front of the Concert hall Forest National, but a few walked a little bit around, like me, and I saw at a side entrance a group of young ladies (or better: girls) and in the middle of this group I saw Jermaine Browne, the black dancer. Of course I walked directly to him, made my way through all the girls and said:
Hi Jermaine, nice to see you, how are you?
We talked a little bit, he gave me two autographs on the concert tickets of me and Auxi
and then I told him that we have prepared a T-Shirt for Mylene and asked for the best
way to give it to her. 
-Is it better to give it to you now or to throw it onto the stage??
-Well, throw it onto the stage, best time is after the third song.
Then the dancers collect all the items that the fans throw onto the stage.
-3rd song?? that is??
-No, no, I won't tell you what happens in the show.
-OK, let's see, first is Vertige, then....
-(interrupting) You know the show??
-Of course I do, I have been in Paris and yesterday in Lille.
-OK, 3rd song is (I don't remember what he said, but when I remember well, his info was not correct).
Then he went into the concert hall. >>

Jonas from Sweden (who is a strong and tall man) was the chosen one. And he made it, he threw the shirt on the stage at the right time and I think one of the dancers took it. We will probably never know if Mylene ever saw that t-shirt... 

Here, you can see the  historic item ;)


The 2nd #mylene T-shirt 

For the Biggest #mylene Meeting ever (Paris, 24/09-26/09/1999), we made our 2nd official t-shirt! This time it was Pandore who designed it, Thierry who provided us with the XXXXXL shirts and Giant who printed and carried all those t-shirts from Holland to Paris. Big thanks to all of you!

You can check Goddess Pandore's page for more info about this t-shirt.