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the mylenium tour

I saw her "hairsprayness" live at Bercy (25/09/1999).
I must confess that I had a very negative feeling before the concert, mostly because "Innamoramento" it's not my favorite MF album.

But, the concert pleased me! Maybe not as much as the previous tour, but still, I really enjoyed it in my own way: I didn't pay much attention to the dancers or mylene's clothes, I was just happily dancing & singing along.

My highlights of the show:
Desenchantee (the whole Bercy went mad!) and the 2 acapella songs, Pas le Temps de Vivre and my really favorite Dernier Sourire (I almost lost my breath singing loud this one).

Overall, it was a typical Mylene concert.
But, was that enough?

In my opinion no...
Because ...I expected a bit more and I saw nothing new. The 1999 show was almost the same with the 1996 one:
some special effects, some dancing parts, lots of costumes...

I know that in show business it's difficult to change a successful recipe, but I would love to see her live in an unplugged kind of concert, no dancers and stuff, just mylene, her voice, her musicians and the audience. 

The other big thing the Mylenium Tour offered me was the Biggest #mylene meeting ever!

And well shame on me but.... I confess:
this was even better than the concert!
You can click on the mouton if you want to read more details about the Paris 1999 Meeting.

a mouton made by zaffy

You can also check out Calvin's Photos from the Bercy concert (25/09/1999) at the captures section.