mylene farmer


mylene farmer


mylene farmer


And what makes me appreciate Ms Farmer, managing her webring and even making a site for her? I dunno..... it's a mystery!
My first impression (after watching some of her video clips, like "douces") was rather scary..

My opinion made a 180 turn after I listened to "je t'aime melancolie". I liked this song so much I had to buy her album "L'autre". That was it...
the rest is history.

Sooo....what I like in her? hmm....the lyrics, her voice, most of the time the music, some of her clips, what else?.... her "star" ? 

What I dislike in her? her hairspray and the 211231312 different cds/dvds/videotapes/vinyl she releases to rip off her fans!! 
well οκ, seriously(!) now:
Mylene sweetheart, there are so many talented new artists out there, even if France (Air, Daft Punk, Mirways to mention a few) maybe you should try to work with some of them to refresh your music a tiny little bit? what ya think?


my brussels ticket my lille ticket

In 1996, I had the chance to see her in concert twice (in Lille:6/12/96 and in Brussels: 7/12/96).
I don't like much impressive shows (with lots of costumes and light effects and dancers etc etc etc)  so what I saw was a pleasant surprise: she was a good performer and I had a great time for almost 2 hours.

In 1999, I saw her live for the 3rd time. More details by clicking here

favorite songs: Desenchantee, Dernier Sourire ("Urgence"), Allan (live), Optimistique-moi, Beyond My Control, Laisse Le Vent Emporter Tout (live), Sans Contrefacon, California, Je T'Aime Melancolie, L'Instant X (live), Agnus Dei, Je Te Rends Ton Amour 

favorite video clips: Sans logique, Je t'aime melancolie, Regrets, California

the Mylenium Tour and I