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mylene farmer






Mylene Farmer is a French-Canadian singer, a very popular one in France and other francophone countries (each of her albums sells more than 1 million copies)

She writes her own beautiful and ambiguous lyrics (recently her own music as well) and she has kept her personal  life quite private & mysterious. 

From the start of her career  she has been collaborating with Laurent Boutonnat, her "Pygmalion", who composes the music of most of her songs and also has directed most of her video clips.

Ah, Mylene's video clips are unique! It doesn't matter if you like them or hate them, there are no other video clips out there like hers: filmed like small movies, expensive, long, provocative, she makes Madonna 's clips looking like a Disney Production! ( many top singers you know that have been appeared completely naked in more than one video clips?)

Mylene (who probably ignores this fact completely, so don't blame her please) is also "responsible" for the existence of that little, quite, silly,  interesting and active Internet community called #mylene.