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Here are some of the more interesting, funny, special messages I received from the Mylene Farmer Mailing Lists for the last 3 years.

A Big "thank you" to the ones who wrote those mails (notice: some of the titles of the messages have been added by me)

I.R.C. Party! - By Zaffy (13-6-96)
Satanique is saying bye-bye (part I) - By Satanique (15-6-96)
The Lyon Accident - By Kimmo(17-6-96)
A Report from the Concert in Brussels - By Lhoon (9-12-96)
Translation:"The Farmer's Conclusion" - By Satanique (6-2-97)
Mylθne's adventures at the studio! - By Yves (1-5-97)
Me,myself & the New Live Video - By Yves (23-5-97)
Health Warning! - By Libertine
Parlez-Vous Francais? (part I) - By Libertine
Parlez-Vous Francais? (part II) - By Libertine
Parlez-Vous Francais? (part III) - By Libertine
Satanique is saying bye-bye (part II) - By Satanique (28-5-96)
E: ! EXPLICIT MAIL ! - Arnaud (26-6-97)
Once Upon a time... - Rasoukine (29-6-97)
Regrets... - By Stephane
About the dedication of "Laisse Le Vent.." Live - By Ced (1-9-1997)
Analyses for Sans Logique- By Bart (21-10-97)
Le fameux "Coffret" Mylθne Farmer...- By Lionel (18-12-97)
le coffret : en resume...votre avis FIN- By Thierry Veran (24-12-97)
The real meaning to the song "Sans Logique".- By Benjamin (22-1-98)
Bruits de couloir - Yves Returns.- By Yves (13-2-98)
Bercy Story.- By Vincent (9-3-98)
Booooo!!!!! I'm back!!!!!!.- By Libertine (15-3-98)

More Messages will be Added Soon


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