mylene farmer

the captures

Hmm....I know there are lots of people all around the globe who like Mylene's work and have NO access to french TV. This page is dedicated to them. I know those pictures are captures from TV shows and channels, I know there is a copyright matter involved, but my only intention is to give those people the pleasure to see (even in images) what they would never be able to see otherwise.
Soooooo... I did this page only to spread joy around!
That's all!

You can find Images from:

The clip of "l'ame-stram-gram"
Mylene at "Tapis Rouge" April 1999 "L'ame-stram-gram"
The making of the video clip of "L'ame-stram-gram
Je Te Rends Ton Amour" (the uncensored clip).
Mylene at "Tapis Rouge" "Souviens-toi du jour".
Mylene at "Tapis Rouge" "Douces"
Bercy (25/09/1999) Concert Photos.

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